Welcome to flywheel. Glad you landed here lol. flywheel is a react component library for adding pretty, dynamic leaderboards to your app. Perfect for anyone building a gamified product.

Go on to the next section if you wanna start adding leaderboards in your frontend. Wanna play with the components before using them in your app? Read on.

The Playground.

The playground is a risk free place to create leaderboards and share them with your friends/team/users. The leaderboards you create there are their own links and look a little like this:

leaderboard cards

Start creating in the playground here (opens in a new tab). I wrote a small article (opens in a new tab) to help you create one in less than 5 minutes. If you use the article make sure to start from step 2. This article is a little outdated - I wrote it when the playground was the entire product.